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AI & Modelling

Tutorials that describe how to use AI and create custom meshes.

Title Description
Getting T1 creatures into T2This tutorial explains how to import a T1 creature into T2
Custom Archer Show you how to customise an archer to have them fire a different projectile.
Custom Spellcaster This guide to customising a spellcaster can be applied to all other creatures as well.
Fish Creating fish that swim in water.
Walking Lantern Guard Tutorial A tutorial for making a guard that carries a lantern and lights up your visibility gem.
Locational Damage Making a creature receive different amounts of damage when hit on a different part of their body.
‘Bring Object to Location’ ObjectivesBringing an AI to a location is no different to bringing any other object.
Making an AI Pause on Patrol Make an AI pause on it´s patrol.
Putting an Object on a Guard’s Belt How to place an object on a guards belt.
Sleeping Servants This guide explains how to make sleeping servants.
AI→AI Core→Vision Description Explanation of the terms, settings, and flags found when you add AI→AI Core→Vision Description to an AI.
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