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Alarm System

NOTEME This tutorial was originally written by Apache for Dromed Central.

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This guide explains how to set up a basic alarm system.

You’ll need four parts to make the alarm system:

  1. A button(s) of some sort. I used physical→Gizmo→Switches→Buttons→Button (-488).
  2. The alarm light(s). Use the Ramirez alarm lights: physical→Lights→AlarmLights→AlarmLights→RamirezAlarm (-1809).
  3. The fnord→TrapTrig→RelayTrap (-1704).
  4. The fnord→TrapTrig→DestroyTrap (-2651)
  5. Optional If you want more guards to appear when the alarm is triggered, you’ll need to create one or more TeleportTraps as well. When placing the button(s) make sure they are about waist-level. Otherwise it looks funny watching the AIs frob the wall.

When placing the alarm light make sure it is high enough so you or the AIs won’t hit it when running. RelayTrap and DestroyTrap can be placed anywhere you like. I prefer to make a Blue Room to place them in. In this demo you will see that I used a Blue Room. There are also four extra guards placed there. These are teleported in when the alarm is triggered.

Here is the setup for the buttons:

Link ControlDevice
From The number of the Button.
To The number of the RelayTrap

If you have more than one button, link them all to the same RelayTrap. That’s all for the buttons.

Here is the setup for the RelayTrap:

Link From To
ControlDevice A RelayTrap (#) A RamirezAlarm (#) If you have more than one alarm light just link them all in the same way.
ControlDevice A RelayTrap (#) A DestroyTrap (#)
ControlDevice A DestroyTrap (#) A RelayTrap (#)

Last thing to do on the RelayTrap is go to its properties. Add S→Scripts. In the first box (Script 0), type in: “RamirezAlarm”.

Optionally, if you did decide to bring in more guards with the alarm being triggered, Here are the extra steps:

  1. Create a fnord→TrapTrig→TeleportTrap and place it where you’d like the new guard to appear.
  2. Link the RelayTrap to the TeleportTrap with ControlDevice.
  3. Then a ControlDevice link from the TeleportTrap to the Guard.

Create the AI(s) that you want to sound the alarm. Add a metaproperty to get him to use the alarm system you’ve installed. Click Add, then MetaProperty→AI_Behaviors→AI_B_m5→RingTheAlarm. Now go to RingTheAlarmAI→Responses→Alert Response in the properties window and click Edit. It should read:

  • Alert Level: (3) High
  • Priority: High, “Very High” or “High” means they’ll usually run right for the alarm at first sighting of the player.
  • Response: Step 1: Goto Object
    • Argument 1: Your button number or numbers.
    • Argument 2: Very Fast
    • Argument 3:
  • Response: Step 2: Face
    • Argument 1:
    • Argument 2: Your button number or numbers.
    • Argument 3:
  • Response: Step 3: Play Sound/Motion
    • Argument 1:
    • Argument 2:
    • Argument 3: WorldFrob 0, AtWaist 0
  • Response: Step 4: Frob Object
    • Argument 1: Your button number or numbers.
    • Argument 2:
    • Argument 3:
  • Response: Step 5: Add/Remove Meta-property
    • Argument 1: Add
    • Argument 2: M-HeardAlarm
    • Argument 3:
  • Response: Step 6: Add/Remove Meta-Property
    • Argument 1: Remove
    • Argument 2: RingTheAlarm
    • Argument 3:

I hope all of this has helped, and don’t forget to look at the official Thief mission Assassins if you get confused.

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