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Custom Archer

NOTEME This tutorial was originally written by The Avatar and stored at the Dromed Central. My comments follow the same syntax as this one. Everything else was written by The Avatar.

:T1: Show you how to customise an archer to have him/her fire a different projectile

  1. Make an archer, physical → Creature → Animal → Human → guard → bowman. Use a RamirezBowMan (-2441)
  2. Make an arrow type physical → projectile. Use a firearr (-234)
  3. Bring up the bowman’s links, there should be three. Delete them all.
  4. Add the following links:
    • Flavor: Contains
      From: RamirezBowMan (-2441)
      To: firearr (-234)
      Note: Dromed will add a CulpableFor link on its own.
    • Flavor: AIProjectile
      From: RamirezBowMan (-2441)
      To: firearr (-234)

That’s it, you just made a Fire Archer. Feel free to use some of the other arrow types.
Under Data on the AIProjectile link you can select how the archer aims and how accurate he is.

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