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Deleting all objects from a mission

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This is useful if you want to re-use an old/abandoned mission. In short, you add the Difficulty → Destroy property to all objects, set and process the difficulty, then unset the difficulty.

NOTEME The commands mentioned here can be found in many custom menus (e.g. the one in the Dromed Toolkit).

  • If you have a Highlight menu, all of the hilight… commands should be in there.
  • If you have a Playtest menu, you can use that to set and process the difficulty.
  1. Go to the Object Hierarchy, select the parent archetype of the objects you wish to remove, and click on Edit.
    • To remove AI, select Creature(-8). To remove everything, select Object(-1).
  2. Add the property Difficulty → Destroy, and select 0.
  3. Run the command hilight_obj_type creature (replace creature with your chosen archetype name).
  4. Some objects may already have the Difficulty → Destroy property, so you need to remove it.
    • Run the command hilight_rem_prop diffdestroy
  5. Then run the command hilight_add_prop diffdestroy
  6. Set the difficulty to 0 (Normal) using the command quest_create_mis difficulty, 0
  7. Run the command process_difficulty and Dromed will delete every object whose Difficulty → Destroy property matches the current difficulty level.
    • Usually this is something you should be very wary of, because you cannot get the objects back.
  8. Now you need to clear the difficulty level, so use the command quest_delete difficulty
  9. At this point it’s best to save the mission under a new name, and then reload it. If you save the file in .cow format, you need to remember to go back to the Object Hierarchy and remove the Difficulty → Destroy property from your selected archetype.

The mission should now be free of all objects of the type you specified.

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