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Controlling Lights by Difficulty

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Lights can be turned on or off depending on the difficulty level, making certain places harder or easier to sneak through.

Choose the Difficulty Levels

  • Select the light object, and add the property Difficulty→Turn On (Off).
  • From the quest var values button, select the difficulty levels for which the light should be on.
    • For any difficulty level not selected, the light will be off.

Make the Light Animated

Some lights are already animated, such as torches, ‘old’ streetlamps etc. These do not need any further work.

Static lights need to be edited to make them animated:

  • Add the S→Scripts property. In any field enter in AnimLight
  • Add the property Renderer→Anim Light. You can copy the max brightness value from the Renderer→Light property.
    • Do not forget to set a radius.
  • Delete the Renderer→Light property, or set the brightness to 0.
    • If you delete the property and then clone the light, Dromed will put it back on the clone, and the values will be inherited from the object hierarchy.
  • Relight the level.

Different Lights on Different Difficulty Levels

Turning a off a light on a lower difficulty level might make things too easy for the player, for the area could be completely dark. Fortunately it’s easy to set up different lights on different difficulty levels, so you can still give all players a challenge.

  • Create two or three lights, depending on how many different scenarios you would like.
    • E.g. one light for Normal and Hard, another for Expert, or one for each difficulty level.
  • For each light, use the instructions in the previous sections to set the difficulty levels for which the light should be turned on.
    • Remember to make the light animated if that isn’t already the case.
  • Add Difficulty → Destroy and select the levels for which the light is off.


Suppose you want a HangSpotFlush for Normal and Hard, and a HangElecLight for Expert.

Testing in Dromed

There are two ways of testing each difficulty level in Dromed.

Instructions for the above are outside the scope of this tutorial, but it should be noted that NVDifficultyDebug is recommended. If you use the original commands, you should not save your mission after running process_difficulty. If you’ve used the Difficulty → Destroy property anywhere, those objects will be deleted.

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