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Dromed Toolkit

FIXME What about ShockEd?


This package contains a version of Dromed with several user-made patches applied, to fix various errors:

  • Error when using objects with TGA textures.
  • MIS corruption when typing script_load without a module name.
  • Inability to set quad-lit on an AnimLight. :T2:
  • Crash when editing Broadcast customization on Windows XP. :T2:
  • Crash when adding a metaproperty in the range -7905 to -7920.
  • Random num_rects error when entering game mode. :SS2:
  • Hyperthreading/multi-core fix
  • Recolored highlights and multibrushes to make them more visible.

It also contains a number of user-made tools, utilities and support files:

  • Improved menus and key bindings by Nameless Voice. Makes Dromed easier to use, see separate readme file.
  • Bright183 texture palette program, complete with batch scripts by Nameless Voice to make it easier to use.
  • BrightUI texture palette GUI, for those uncomfortable with batch files. Made by Telliamed.
  • Graphical .3ds → .bin Conversion Utility, by Nameless Voice. Makes the importing of 3ds files into Thief 2 easier.
  • Monolog Viewer, program to view Dromed’s monolog output in a separate window while Dromed is running.
  • DromColors, program to change Dromed’s colour scheme.
  • Font Tool by Telliamed, allows importing and exporting of Dark Engine fonts.
  • Song Compiler by Telliamed, allows importing and exporting of songs, used to control music in Thief 2.
  • Motion Editor by Weyoun, allows for the creation of custom motions.
  • Motion Database Editor by Shadowspawn, allows for the creation of a new motion database, needed to use new motions.
  • Reconstructed Schemas by Telliamed, allows the defining of new sound types.
  • Thief 2 Object List, graphical representation of the object hierarchy to easily see what archetypes look like.
  • Thief Objective Wizard for easily setting up mission objectives.
  • ObjTree gamesys editing tool. Can import XML files into a gamesys.
  • ParchEd book creation tool.
  • ThiefMapper automap creation tools.


  • Nameless Voice
  • Telliamed
  • Thorin Oakenshield
  • Weyoun

Installation instructions

Uncompress the package straight into a functional Thief 2 folder. It will not work inside a sub-folder. It is strongly advised to use a separate copy of Thief 2 for editing than the one used for playing the game. There is a guide on how to set up multiple installs efficiently (using less disk space than a full install would require).


Sometimes alt+e doesn’t work to get back to the editor once you’ve installed the Dromed Toolkit. I’m not sure why this happens to some people1), but it’s easy enough to fix.

Open the file USER.BND in your Dromed folder using a decent text editor, and add this line to it:

  bind e+alt edit_mode

Always make sure to leave one extra blank line at the end of the file.


Dromed Keyboard This is the default keyboard layout used by the Dromed Toolkit. You may find the Inkspace source more useful.

It was also reported in my ShockEd Toolkit
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