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Drunk Guard

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This is a modified tutorial from Dromed Central. Author: Unknown

First create a Human, any old human!

Object Hierarchy→Creature→Animal→Human→anything in here.
Open up your AI´s properties.
Click Add→MetaProperty→AI Behaviors→AI_B_m10→M-AlertCapZero.
Add>AI>Responses>Threat Response. Fill it in as follows:

Action 1: Add/Remove MetaProperty
Arg1: Remove
Arg2: AlertCapZero

Action 2: Play Sound/Motion
Arg1: tolevelthree

Add>Speech>Voice: “drunk1”
Add>AI>AI Core>Awareness Capacitor. Change it to 10,10,10
Add>Motions>ActorTagList: “WithSword 0, Drunk 0”

There! It’s wonderful, isn’t it! Now, let’s make it convincing, put a couple of bottles around his feet, and maybe a goblet or two.
Now, why don’t we put a goblet in his hand? Create a goblet, and remember it´s, and the AI´s number.
Now open up the guard’s “Links” window. Add a new link:

Flavor: CreatureAttachement
From: The number of the Drunk AI
To: The number of the Goblet

Hit “OK”, then change the link’s Data to Left Fingers.
One extra thing, if you think drunk guards are super-cool and you want them to talk a lot: Go to it´s Properties. Add>AI>Attributes>Verbosity.
There, make that whatever you like! Close the links window, and THERE YOU GO!

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