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NOTEME This tutorial was originally written by Apache and stored at the Dromed Central. My comments follow the same syntax as this one. Everything else was written by Apache.

:T1::T2: Creating fish that swim in water

This AI requires you to make a custom gamesys and water. So if you don’t know how, I suggest you learn…

  1. Open the Object Hierarchy
  2. Expand Creatures → Animals → SmallCreatures
  3. With Smallcreatures hilighted, click Add
  4. Type Fish in the space provided.
  5. You’ll now see a new Smallcreature to create. Called Fish.
  6. Create your Fish. And placed in your level.
  7. Open the Properties for the Fish.
  8. Add Shape→Model Name: fish1
  9. Add Schema→Class Tags: Creature Type Rat
  10. Add Dark Gamesys→BreathConfig 1st Line-Max Air=some really high number, the rest leave at 0
  11. Click Ok and exit the Props window. You now have a fish. Just link TrolPts as normal and let it swim.

Download an example here.

FIXME Missing example file.
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