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Garrett’s Comments

These are the built-in schemas that are spoken by Garrett. They are suitable for use as voice-over sounds. Many of the schemas include a pause at the beginning. When linked with a trap that does other things, the comments will be heard after the other effects have finished.

Thief 1

GAR001 This door is bolted, and there is no way to open it.
GAR002 Locked! I’ll need the key to open it.
GAR003 It’s locked, I can try picking the lock or finding the right key.
GAR004 AAhh, got it!
GAR005 A container like this might have something good inside it.
GAR006 That’s too high.
GAR007 Crystals are good for powering up arrows
GAR008 This will be useful
GAR009 Rope arrows will only stick in wooden surfaces
GAR010 Always good to grab loot
GAR011 Now this is worth the price of admission
GAR012 Now the bow will shoot fire arrows
GAR013 Now the bow will shoot water arrows
GAR014 Now the bow will shoot moss arrows
GAR015 Now the bow will shoot gas arrows
GAR016 I’d rather not walk out there into the light
GAR017 If I stick close to the walls I have a chance of not being seen
GAR018 I better wait till his back is turned
GAR019 Too many for me to take all at once
GAR020 I’d be better off looking for another way around
GAR021 I shouldn’t leave the body lying around
GAR022 Perfect. Only one, and he’s looking the other way
GAR023 Just keep looking the other way…
GAR024 I think I lost him
GAR025 I hate blind corners - you never know what you’re going to run into
GAR026 It almost always pays to listen at a door before opening it
GAR027 If I can hit him with the blackjack without being spotted, he’ll drop without a sound
GAR028 That was bloody. I should move the body, but if someone walks by here they might figure out something’s up.
GAR029 Ooohh… This is not good!
GAR030 I can pick that guy off with an arrow, but if I miss, I’ll give myself away
GAR031 Lots of pyrotechnics but not very stealthy I’ve got to be careful with those
GAR032 Water arrows are most useful for putting out torches
GAR033 Moss arrows are meant to be fired at noisy surfaces so that I can walk on them without making a racket.
GAR034 Not much point in firing those into the floor
GAR035 I should remember that splashing around can make a lot of noise
GAR036 I can’t stay underwater too long or I’ll drown!
GAR037 I’ve only got a few seconds of air left!
GAR038 I’ll never make any headway against this current!
GAR039 Barrels like these, can provide good cover in a pinch
GAR040 Crates like these are useful for concealment
GAR041 Every key opens something, somewhere
GAR042 Aaah, not so secret anymore, is it?
GAR043 Aagh, I’m making too much noise walking on this tile
GAR044 Walking over metal is noisy, I have to be careful
GAR045 I have a bad feeling about this
GAR046 Hmm… This looks interesting
GAR047 I wonder what happened here
GAR048 Looks like this hasn’t worked in years
GAR049 I wonder how I can get up there
GAR050 Hmm… There must be a way down there
GAR100 No luck here
GAR101 I’m not opening this
GAR102 Can’t get thru here
GAR103 Can’t go this way
GAR104 Not this way
GAR105 Ahh, no point in going here
GAR106 I need’nt bother here
GAR107 Nothing useful this way
GAR108 Nothing back here I care about
GAR110 Doesn’t seem to do anything
GAR111 Doesn’t do much
GAR120 Hmm.. this can’t be opened now
GAR121 Looks like I can’t open it
GARC0101 Alright old man, lets get you out here and me my money
GARC0103 Good thing you’re dying Cutty, or I’d have to kill you for stiffing me, again.
GARM0101 The keepers were training me to be one of them, but I found other uses for those skills
GARM0201 Hmm… A few too many to try to get by here
GARM0202 Only one guard, still it would be nice to get the drop on him
GARM0203 Inside, at last
GARM0204 Hah! Could you possibly be any more helpful?
GARM0205 Better not leave too many bodies lying around
GARM0206 I wonder if reads them or if it’s just for show
GARM0207 Since I’m in here, I might as well pick up something for myself
GARM0208 Hah! Its a throne room, how pretentious can you get?
GARM0209 Here we go…
GARM0301 I should be near the prison entrance by now
GARM0302 He can’t see me while I stick to the shadows, but I’ll have to cross into the light to get to the stairs.
GARM0303 Agh, clanky metal grating, I better tread softly
GARM0304 Blocked from the other side
GARM0305 Hmm, better not let anyone bang that gong, or I’ll have more company than I can handle
GARM0306 Heh! Just what the world needs - more hammers
GARM0307 More than one guy, that’ll make things trickier
GARM0308 Looks like I’m on the right track
GARM0309 I hate blind corners, you never know what you are going to run into
GARM0310 I have a bad feeling about this
GARM0311 Better stick to the shadows here, if they see me I’m in trouble
GARM0312 Right, cell block 4, Cutty you better appreciate this
GARM0313 This seems too easy
GARM0314 How many guards do they have in here anyway?
GARM0315 But which one is Cutty, and how am I going to get the door open?
GARM0316 Just keep looking the other way
GARM0317 I bet the door controls are in there
GARM0318 Well this was a lost cause, time to get out before I end up in the cell next door
GARM0319 Heh, this must be how they spend all those tithes
GARM0320 I wonder if I have time for to stop for a snack
GARM0321 No point going that way, it’ll be crawling with hammers
GARM0322 They take all this stuff way too seriously
GARM0323 If I keep going up, I’m going to run out of building
GARM0324 No good going this way, nowhere to hide
GARM0325 Cutty won’t be needing this anymore
GARM0326 Aah, this is what I’m looking for
GARM0327 At least I can swim better than anyone carrying a sledge hammer
GARM0328 So long hammers
GARM0329 Interesting ride, I wonder if any of the hammers take it
GARM0330 Well there’s Basso. If he weren’t unconsious it would be simpler, but now I have to carry him out
GARM0401 Not my most elegant entrance, but it worked
GARM0402 Felix, you don’t look so good
GARM0403 Damn, there has to be another way in
GARM0404 What’s that sound?
GARM0405 Whoa! You know you can’t take it with you, but I can
GARM0406 The horn of Quintus, I presume?
GARM0407 So this is the fabled horn of Quintus. Hope no one minds if I just take it with me.
GARM0408 So much for Felix, then
GARM0409 It’s a long way down
GARM0410 Heh, how rude
GARM0411 Heh, tombs with piped-in music. How classy
GARM0412 Nice view, I wonder if the dead appriciate it
GARM0413 Good thing I’m not afraid of heights
GARM0414 Sounds like I’m getting close
GARM0415 Heh, these guys don’t look too mean
GARM0501 So these are Ramirez’s boys, I think it’s time I dealt with Mr. Ramirez once and for all
GARM0502 It may be time for me to move along now, don’t want to wear out my welcome
GARM0503 Maybe I should head back to my own neighborhood, those fellows don’t seem too friendly
GARM0504 What sort of a lunatic keeps these things as pets
GARM0505 Damn, I guess I lost their trail
GARM0506 That shot was meant for me
GARM0507 These creeps are going to lead me right back to whoever sent them to kill me, but only if I can tail them without them noticing me.
GARM0601 A glass gem, this sword was just a waste of time!
GARM0602 Damn, its a fake!
GARM0603 Information on Constantine, almost as good as gold
GARM0604 Time to take my new sword and get out of this crazy place
GARM0605 Magical traps, I guess he’s serious about his privacy
GARM0701 Looks like this place was built by my old pals the keepers. I wonder what they’re hiding in here
GARM0901 What have we here
GARM0902 I’m not swimming across there
GARM0903 Creepy
GARM0904 Anybody home?
GARM0905 I wonder if the keepers have seen this
GARM0906 One down, one to go
GARM0907 How can the keepers keep this place a secret?
GARM0908 Looks like this must have been some sort of library
GARM0909 According to the map, this was probably a market place
GARM0910 Time to raid some tombs
GARM0911 I’m not too crazy about the neighborhood
GARM0912 For me to make use of my map, I’m going to have to find some sort of landmark to go by
GARM0913 So this is the lost city… heh heh, its not lost no more
GARM1001 Damn, I took too much time
GARM1002 I am a wall builder… This is no place to be reading poetry
GARM1003 I am a wall builder, let my walls endure from season to season, year to year, and age to age.
Let my walls stand while families toil, armies march and empires fall.
I am a wall builder and my walls will stand always as a shield against evil.
This I pray that will the master builder grant.
GARM1101 I don’t like the looks of this
GARM1102 Uh oh
GARM1103 Hmm…
GARM1104 What do we have here
GARM1105 These stairs have seen better days
GARM1106 Looks like this doesn’t work anymore
GARM1107 If I don’t get this thing to work, I’m not going to get very far
GARM1108 What was that?!
GARM1109 Now how am I going to get out of here
GARM1110 Oh master builder, we ask thee to bless our brother who hath died in thy service.
Forgive him the transgressions of his living days and look with favor on his works in thy name.
Plum and plain, fire and forge, purify his spirit and draw from him all which does not meet thy plan.
Take him to serve with thee in thy home where he may rest in peace eternal.
GARM1202 Well! This is interesting, but it doesn’t say anything about the eye
GARM1203 Wow! Not even the hammers can make heads or tails of this, but it doesn’t look good
GARM1301 What happened here, and where are all the Hammerites?
GARM1302 Damn, looks like Constantine got here before me
GARM1303 This looks like it’d make a good escape route for me and the high priest
GARM1401 Well this is my way out, better not mess with it
GARM1402 That can’t go anywhere pleasant
GARM1403 All you other demon things, you can just stay home now
GARM1404 Let’s not try that again
GARM1405 You gotta be kidding me
GARM1406 Heh… Now that’s big!
GARM1407 Ahh… Interesting
GARM1408 I’ve had enough of this
GARM1409 Let’s just disable that portal and give the hammers a fighting chance

Thief 2

Ok Basso you sit tight ’till I give the signal.
Better check my map.
This must be the door Basso mentioned.
Good thing the butler is out for the night, he left his lights on.
Upstairs… Basso isn’t going to need to come up here.
Ohhhhh… Better stop and check out that light around the corner.
This hallway is too well lit, I better put a water arrow into that torch.
Another guard up ahead, time to knock him out while his back is turned.
Lets duck aside and wait for this.
Lets uh… duck aside and wait for this little “chap” to finish.
Steady… Steady!
Looks like the coast is clear for Basso now.
Shouldn’t be too hard to find a spot to climb out of this place.
Hmm… doesn’t look like I can get up there.
A fall from this height could hurt!
I bet a gaurd or two around here may have a key for me to pickpocket.
This place has lots of shadows to hide in.
That floor looks loud… I better find a way to walk across it quietly.
I need to find a key for this.
Look whats on that guy’s belt!
I hear this guy is quite a popular musician, his unpublished work should be valuable.
This place looks like an inventer’s shop, theres probably a valuable gadjet or two around here.
Mynell makes the best steaks in the entire city, his reciepies my catch me a pretty penny.
Germ is the man that makes those magic lenses, theres probably some valuable lenses in here.
That looks like Captain Davidson’s cargo ship, he’s a shady guy… smuggling in piracey.
A large open door… that is bound to attract a gaurd or two, we should probably find a way to get it shut again.
Hehe… Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Eewww… so that Mynell’s secret ingredient!
Hmm… the numbers above these doors may be important.
Only thing left for me to do is to make my exit.
If I aim right, I can hit that button with an arrow and activate it.
I should take a look at those instructions.
Ohhhhh ya! He’s gone.
He won’t need that anymore.
Real classy, I guess it pays to be an officer.
Nice view!
Now! On to the vault.
Looks like this Mosley character has got a thing for plants… I guess she can afford to.
Lets see what I can use against our Lt. Hagen.
Guess I could use some target pratice.
I should be able to find something in here.
Mechanists, always the do-gooders.
I better do this quick.
Letting them out would spoil the plan.
I don’t think I want to go that way.
Hagen doesn’t seem to.. keen on Lt. Mosly does he?
I should be careful in here, there are likely a few traps around.
Hey, I know who this guy is.
No thanks, I’m not ever that hungry!
I should write that down…………. now, onto the vault.
Well, this is a snug fit.
Heh, yeah right, life is tough when you don’t have anyone waiting on you hand and foot.
Better get moving before they see me.
A sewer never looked so appealing.
Judging from the gaurd post, I bet thats Smith’s place.
Hmmm, Whipple and Helena Way, that’s where that prisoner in Shoalsgate said he stashed some loot.
Home sweet home.
Looks like im going to need a new address, but im going to have to get to my stash first.
Good, now time to relocate.
These Mechanists are just as bad as the Hammers.
It’s no big secret that the Mechanists are the ones suppling shariff Truart with those machines.
I could really learn to hate these guys.
Strange, I wonder what kind of work the Mechanists do here.
Better not disturb them, I can hear the meeting just fine from out here.
I’d like to get a copy of that key myself.
I wonder how I knew I was gonna need this wax key press.
If I can find some soft wax I can get an impression of the key and make a duplicate later.
Heh, wrong key.
This is the right key.
That wasn’t the right key.
Good thing I can still use this wax.
Hope this is a safe place to drop this key and make a copy of it.
I better come back here and replace this key when im done with it.
That ought to do it.
I think my work here is done.
I wonder if any of the outside windows can be opened.
Looks like I might be able to climb onto the roof.
Some people in this city are too rich for their own good, luckily they have me to give them a hand.
Now to find some useful information.
I’ll never be able to cross through here with all those secrity machines active.
Maybe I can find a way to deactivate them.
The vault isn’t going to open until that locking bar is out of the way.
What a weird contraption, lets see what these controls do.
Hehehe, now I know I’m a master thief, waltzing right into a bank vault, time to find the recording.
Lt. Mosely, out for a little strole, lets see where you take me.
Somehow I doubt she dropped her note be accident, I better see what it says.
Looks like the good Lt. is looking for Pagens.
Lets see who comes to claim the note.
A cemetery, heh, that’s original!
Wasn’t expecting that.
Well I’m not gonna wait around for him to come out, fortunatly, cemetaries don’t spook me.
Where did he go? Guess there must be another way out of here after all.
Damn! I guess I lost the trail.
Hmmm, looks like a gear is missing.
There is probably something in this room that will tell me who killed Truart.
Damn! Someone beat me to the Sheriff, I better keep it low profile or I’ll be pinned as the killer.
I better get out of here now.
Truart doesn’t do much to hide his vanity.
If I knew being Sheriff paid that well, I would of changed careers a long time ago.
Hmmm, that letter the Pagan is carrying, It’s gonna be late.
These people didn’t have a chance against the Mechanists.
I hope this guy doesn’t run out of blood.
Looks like I’m still on the right track.
So… it’s been the Mechanists behind my problems this whole time.
No need for alarm ladies, just passing through.
The front doors are locked, looks like Karras wants a captive audience.
So, thats the castle of the future, heh, I’ll take my tenement any day of the week.
So, Karras doesn’t even show up for his own party.
If I follow this road north, it should take me right to the Mechanist Tower.
One thing is for sure… this.. Karras guy has lost his mind!
Better find a way in before I catch cold.
Ahh, storage, I’m sure Gervaiceus has lots of things down here that he’ll never miss, at least not until it’s too late.
Hmmm, I may have to stop in here for a drink later.
Maybe I’ll stop in for a little light reading.
Either someone is hiding the evidence or these guys got lost in ten feet of passage.
No wonder the spooks are restless around here.
Ash, you are a bastard.
Ahh, early morning mist, all respectable people should be in bed now, time for us disreputable types to get to work.
So this is what all the fuse was about, that old bragger has made quite a spectacle for his bobbles.
I’ll have to grab a bottle, and later drink a toast to Lord Gervaiceus for his generosity.
Alright, that’s the last one.
Hmmm, another Mechanist, guess the Hammers just arn’t “sheak” any more.
Looks like I’ll be able to get one of those “Cultivators” when I come back.
Looks like I’ll be able to get one of those “Cultivators” while I’m here.
A “Cultivator”, that must be what Karras is writing to Gervaiceus about, what a nice bonus!
A “Cultivator”, another nice bonus.
Hmmm, that must be that Cetus Amicus, guess I’ll sneak aboard and have a look around.
I’m no Mechanist, I’m Garrett.
Knew I would come? but..
Don’t worry, I’ll find Cavador, Karras will be stopped!
Yes, my friend, what can I do?
Tight fit, I hope It’s a short ride.
If I were Cavador… where would I be?
Brrrr, I wonder what they keep on ice.
Hmmm, doesn’t look very dangerous, good thing I know better.
It’s a long way up.
The wheel seems to be missing a peg.
What the!?
This should fetch a nice price.
I’m back in the Lost City, ahhh, should of known, guess I’ll take the back door home.
Ahhh, knowing where Cavador is, thats half the battle.
What does he eat!? Metal rivets?
Looks like my old root is still open.
This guy makes the Hammers sound sane.
Archeologist seems so much more dignified than “thief”.
Guess things have changed a bit.
Too bright for an ambush here, I prefer one of those dark corridors.
Ya, just keep prattling away Karras.
We’ll see how well your protective chamber works against your own rust gas.
This is just what I was looking for, now I’ve got a real plan.
Hmmm, there must be instructions on this thing somewhere.
Assuming the blueprints didn’t leave anything out, this thing ought to do the trick.
Now I just have to switch the signal towers to use the beacon instead of Karras’s instructions.
What if Karras has anyway to detect what I’m doing, I’ll know soon.
Karras didn’t pipe up about the sabotage, I don’t think he knows.
I’m not going to find what I’m looking for this way.
I need to find a better way than this.
I bet this is the right way.
eh, I think I’m on the right track.
That should do it.
Hehehe, I think I deserve a pat on the back or that one.
That was helpful.
Damn! I didn’t mean for that to happen.
Unhn, that hurt.
Time to go.
Now to be on my way.
Time to get out of here.
This doesn’t look safe.
This looks like a dangerous area.
Better watch my step around here.
This looks like a hard place to sneak hrough.
It would be tricky to get through here undetected.
I can’t stay underwater too long, or I’ll drown.
Huh, not so secret anymore, is it?
I wonder how I can get up there?
Ahhh, a back door.
Can’t go this way.
Ahhh, no point in going here.
I needn’t bother here.
Nothing back here I care about.
This looks like the way in.
Ahhh, a hidden entrance.
Ahhh, my favorite year.

Thief 3

GAR0101 “Lord” Julian. Heh. Wouldn’t want anyone to think he was just Julian.
GAR0102 His Lordship is gone for a walk. Can’t have gone far.
GAR0103 The bag feels heavy. There’s something metal inside.
GAR0104 Close one. But I’ve still got the goods.
GAR0201 There’s the torch. Now, to give the signal.
GAR0202 It’s out. I hope that cook is as good as his word.
GAR0203 Looks promising. If I’d just wanted to look I’d have gone to a museum.
GAR0204 Poisons. Better make sure I wash my hands when I get out of here.
GAR0205 Another medallion. Wonder if anyone would pay more for a matched set.
GAR0206 So this is what they all wanted. Well, it’s better off with me.
GAR0207 The Rutherford family vault. That opal is as good as mine.
GAR0301 Hmm. That old gear looks precarious. Someone could have an accident.
GAR0302 A ritual for Jacknall’s Paw, huh? Looks like I’m on the right track.
GAR0303 So the Pagans are preparing for war.
GAR0304 The Jacknall’s Paw. Well, I guess he’s not using it any longer.
GAR0401 Not very thief-like to make such a racket.I hope once is enough to drag the old priest out of his room.
GAR0402 I’d better get out of here before someone starts wondering who rang the bell.
GAR0403 Let’s see what Greedius has been up to.
GAR0404 Looks like I’m going to have to do some snooping around if I want to get inside.
GAR0405 The Chalice. Ah, its probably too much to hope for that no one misses it.
GAR0501 That’s got to be the Compendium.
GAR0502 A secret room, eh? Always my favorite room in a house.
GAR0503 Wine huh? Chilly night. I could go for something warming myself.
GAR0504 Looks like the Widow Moira has more than just me to worry about tonight.
GAR0601 There’s the crown, but I see I’m going to have to work for it.
GAR0602 Giant rats. Great.
GAR0603 A golden crown, eh? Now I’m interested.
GAR0604 Better hope I’m not sticking around long enough to see these hatch.
GAR0605 Now that I’ve got the crown, what will they fight over?
GAR0606 A rare tapestry. Ehm, maybe this trip is going to be more profitable than I thought.
GAR0607 I’m not very musical, but an ivory horn with rubies? That sounds like it might play my kind of tune.
GAR0608 Now what kind of thief would I be, if I didn’t investigate this room with diamond lights?
GAR0701 It’s a long way, but down is always easier than up.
GAR0702 These machines could crush me flat. Better keep on my toes.
GAR0703 Emergency stop. Let’s see what happens.
GAR0704 If I can keep him busy with those chimes maybe he’ll stay out of my hair.
GAR0705 Diamond, eh? That could be worth looking for.
GAR0706 I don’t know about stopping time, but this should let me stop the clockworks.
GAR0707 Not enough. I need to stop this thing for good.
GAR0708 Sabotaging the clockworks is going to cause a lot of noise. I need to finish up all my other business here first.
GAR0801 Wonder what they have left to decide. Heheh. Maybe I can a few keepers to vote my way.
GAR0802 Orland, Orland. I wouldn’t have thought you were the Peeping Tom sort.
GAR0803 Uh-huh. That seal must be what Orland’s using to hide the door glyphs. Time for me to get rid of it.
GAR0804 This looks like Artemus’ room. Maybe I can find out where he went.
GAR0805 Whoever did this knows a lot more about glyphs than most Keepers. That’s not good.
GAR0806 No-one is supposed to know I’m here! So who left me this note?
GAR0807 Dah! This keeper door can’t be used. Tch. Something must be wrong with the glyphs.
GAR0901 [Sigh] That didn’t work. Maybe there’s a fuse box in the basement.
GAR0902 [Sigh] It’s burnt out. They must have kept a spare fuse somewhere.
GAR0903 Those bricks look a little uneven. Someone did some amateur work.
GAR0904 This one must be her’s. It’s still warm. Great.
GAR0906 It won’t open. That’s not a good sign.
GAR0907 Someone didn’t want it coming down here.
GAR0908 It’s not letting me go. I think I’d better see Lauryl in the lobby. I’m not going to make it out of here on my own.
GAR0909 That’s…quite a drop.
GAR0910 She looks…familiar. Its that keeper translator girl! But that can’t be, this portrait must be as old as the building!
GAR0911 Now that looked like the Hag to me. Drept was right.
GAR0912 Creepy.
GAR0913 This place is gonna give me nightmares.
GAR0915 What was that?!
GAR0916 Hmm, Something tells me there’s no coming back. I should finish everything else I’ve gotta do first.
GAR1001 Never trust a talking rock. Someone could lose an eye.
GAR1002 Never found, eh? Heh, maybe no-one’s looked hard enough.
GAR1003 Tell me that statue didn’t just move.
GAR1004 This must be one of their thief-proof security measures. But everything has a weakness, or a power switch, or something.
GAR1005 Got ‘em! Easy. Well, not exactly easy, but I was expecting more interference from Gamall.
GAR1101 It’s not much, but it’s home.
GAR1102 Too bad Mr. Wicket has to pay money to his blackmailer. Too bad for his blackmailer that I know where the drop is.
GAR1103 This is Black Alley. The red hand-print is the mark of illegal establishments.
GAR1104 Looks like Lady Elizabeth is here with a couple of thugs.
GAR1105 That’s the gate to Stonemarket, but it’s gonna be tough to get past those goons. Maybe I can get them out of the way somehow.
GAR1106 This is Heartless Perry’s place. You can tell by the removal’s wagon.
GAR1107 Perry’s place is to the west of here.
GAR1108 That guard’s got a key on his belt. Maybe I can reach it from in here.
GAR1109 The cell is unlocked. Now I just need my equipment.
GAR1110 Hmm, I can’t pick this lock without my equipment. It must be somewhere inside the prison.
GAR1111 That tree, hrn. More plant’s here than normal. Looks like Artemus was right about where to look for the Pagans.
GAR1112 I can see Castle Rutherford from here. Impressive, but I won’t be going back there anytime soon.
GAR1114 Those are City Watch. You can tell by their insignia. They’re the guys I have to look out for.
GAR1115 Ahh, The City. Obey the law, and there’s no need to worry about the residents. They City Watch are the guys who want to lock me up though. Gotta keep my eye out for them.
GAR1201 So that’s the famous Garrett, huh? I guess he’s not as good looking as I’d heard.
GAR1202 Keepers! I had a hunch they’d turn up eventually. There’s only one reason they would contact me like this, and it’s not good.
GAR1203 So, the keepers are hoping to solve the Dark Age problem by finding this Compendium and Glyph Key. I’m pretty good at acquiring lost objects. Maybe I can help.
GAR1204 Maybe this scribe is onto something. I should check out this ship, the Abysmal Gale, the next time I visit the Docks.
GAR1205 Well, if this guy thought the Glyph Key was in this Sunken Citadel, I don’t see why I shouldn’t go look there. Sounds like it might be a profitable trip.
GAR1206 Great, the Hammers and Pagans are mad at me because of jobs I did for the keepers. I’d better find out what they want, and then decided whether or not I wanna bother trying to improve their opinion of me.
GAR1207 Well, I guess I shouldn’t have expected any gratitude from the keepers.
GAR1208 [Sigh] The keepers are wasting their time writing about me. I’m a thief, and a good one. but I’ve got nothing to do with their prophesies.
GAR1209 There’s got to be some kind of switch in here that opens the entrance to the tunnel.
GAR1210 I thought the keepers were supposed to keep the peace, or at least observe the lack of it. They’re not doing their job, so what are they doing?
GAR1211 Big Bertha’s place is marked on my map with a red hand-print.
GAR1212 This way leads to the Forbidden Libraries. I could sneak my way in, but I can’t let any keepers catch me in there.
GAR1301 What happened here? Maybe there’s something in the ship’s manifest, or the Captains log.
GAR1302 Hmm, the object described in the manifest must be the Compendium the keepers are looking for. Sounds like it was brought to Captain Moira’s house.
GAR1303 All these plants. Heh. Pagan’s were here. Maybe they still are.
GAR1304 Captain Moira won’t be needing this rowboat anymore.
GAR1305 The customs warehouse. Without the hired muscle it would be a thieves paradise.
GAR1306 The Pagan’s wanna plant this sapling, and the Hammers want to burn it. Choices, choices.
GAR1307 Climbing gloves! Heh. I’ve always wanted a pair of these.
GAR1308 The store here in the docks is a great place to shop for interesting items. I should stop in.
GAR1401 I’ve lost sight of the ghost. Now what? Better find her.
GAR1402 I’d better go find Lauryl.
GAR1403 We’d better get someplace soon. I’m starting to lose patience.
GAR1404 Hmm, Something tells me I’d better get back to the keeper library.
GAR1405 There’s only one place I’m going to find proof of Orland’s guilt. The place I’m least welcome, the Keeper Compound.
GAR1407 Dead. I guess Ramien isn’t going to be much help after all.
GAR1408 The Shalebridge Cradle. This place gives even me the creeps.
GAR1409 The enforcers are using telepathy to communicate silently.. I don’t think they know I can hear them.
GAR1410 There are some good rooftops in Old Quarter. Ah, they don’t call it the thieves highway for nothing.
GAR1504 How many times am I going to steal this thing?
GAR1505 Got it! Again. Whatever it is.
GAR1506 They say she used to be human but whatever she was, Gamall’s a monster now.
GAR1507 Not yet. This must be the right place to go, but first I’ve gotta get both the chalice and the paw.
GAR1508 I can’t just walk in through the front gate of the museum. I’ll have to find some other way inside.
GAR9901 One down, four to go.
GAR9902 That’s two of them, but I still have three of these artifacts to position.
GAR9903 So far, so good. Now there’s only two artifacts left to place.
GAR9904 Four of the five are all set. I can’t stop now.
GAR9905 Now for the last artifact, the eye. Lets hope this Final Glyph does something useful.
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