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Implementing Books

This tutorial explains what you need to start using books in your mission.

The Text

Open up Notepad and type in:

Page_0: “Blah.”

Page_1: “More blah.”

Page_2: “The End.”

Now, save this file as testbook.str with the ”.str” extension into your Books folder. You can put the file into a subfolder labeled english but that’s only necessary if you intend to provide multi-language support.

The Book

Now go into your object hierarchy and create a book into your mission. (Book objects may be found under Household→Book; you can select any book you prefer.) Now select the book and go into its properties. Click on Add→Book→Text and in the blank field type in the name of your text file minus the .str extension. In this case that would be testbook. Don’t mind the Book→Art property for now; the book objects already have backgrounds. Now go into game mode and frob the book. Since your book has more than one page you can click the bottom right and left corners to flip the pages.

Things to Know and Remember

* Your .str file must start at page 0

* Remember the syntax for writing text in Notepad (the underscores and the colon)

* You can apply the StdBook script by using Add→S→Script (and Engine Features→FrobInfo→World Action→Script when necessary) on almost any object like tombstones and plaques. This will make text appear over the world without going into “book mode”. To make a book behave this way, simply make any object without the Book→Art property, add Book→Text and the StdBook script, and change its Shape→Model name to that of the book you want it to look like.

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