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Although Dromed is sometimes included on the Thief installation disc, the preferred way of getting started is to download the Dromed Toolkit. There are different Versions of Dromed for building missions to be played with Thief: The Dark Project, Thief Gold, Thief 2, and the unofficial New Dark patch. As expected, the newer versions of dromed support more features than older ones.


Title Description
Using Dromed Guides to the Dromed program and it’s many quirks.
Creating Fan Missions Things you need to do to make a complete fan-mission.
Creating Resources There’s more to a mission than just a map. Adding and expanding to the stock game experience.


Placing, importing objects in a level etc…

Title Description
Alarm System A tutorial that explains how to set up a basic alarm system.
The Tweq Property How to use the Tweq property to create effects such as object animations.
Sources & Receptron Basics A comprehensive introduction to using and understanding sources and receptrons.
Totality’s S&R Tutorial Examples of advanced uses of sources and receptrons as an alternative to conventional scripting.


Title Description
AutoMap Tutorial Written by Zaccheus, a very early AutoMap tutorial.
Dromed Maps Tutorial V 2.0 Written by Salvage, another very early AutoMap tutorial.

Helpful Information

Title Description
Garrett’s Comments A list of the schemas which are comments by Garrett.

Dromed Central

Older tutorials from TTLG’s Dromed Central.

Title Description
AI & Modelling Contains information for customizing and scripting non-player characters.
architecture Contains information for modifying terrain and brushes in dromed.


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