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Knocking Out an AI in Dromed

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These instructions tell you how to make an AI in Dromed that will be in the knocked out state when the mission begins. It will still be alive so it will respond to being dropped in water, being hit with a weapon and so on, just like an AI that has been knocked out with a blackjack.

  • Create any AI (not zombies or things that don’t get knocked out)
  • Add the metaproperty AI_Behaviors → AI_B_Gen → M-AI-Disable → M-KnockedOut
  • Add the metaproperty ARSources → NoPingBack
  • The AI will already have an AI → State → Current mode property. Edit this, and change the value to Dead.
  • Add the property Creature → Current Pose, with the following values:
    • Type: Tags
    • Motion: crumple, die
    • Frac: 1.00
    • Scale: 0.4
    • Ballistic: False

For some variety, an addition can be made to the Motion value: crumple, die, direction 1

You can use direction 2 or direction 3 instead. direction 4 is also valid but it’s the same as having no direction specified.

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