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Link Set-up Info
From Any object (or archetype) which can be slain (not just AI!)
To Any other object (or archetype). Typically a dead version of the From object
Data None

Adding a Corpse link from an object to some other object or archetype specifies what object will replace that AI when it is slain. Note that the object need not be an AI (breaking a window is accomplished via a Corpse link for example), and also that objects can be slain in various ways other than through damage by the player - for instance, a DestroyTrap or SlayObject response to a Receptron.

Multiple Corpse links to archetypes are perfectly valid, and when the object is slain, one of each of the linked archetypes will be instantiated to replace the object. For instance, a Haunt can be Corpse-linked to 4 different particle FX, and all four will appear when the the Haunt is slain. Note that in this setup, the Haunt simply vanishes and death motions are not played.

Note also that when an object is Corpse-linked to a concrete object, all links on the corpse object (To object) are lost once the replacement occurs. For instance, suppose you have an AI which is replaced by another concrete AI when slain via a Corpse link. If the Corpse AI (To object) has an AIWatchObj link to some other object to trigger an action, for example, that link will be lost after it replaces the From AI.

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