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Link Set-up Info
From A sub-object
To A base-object
Data X, Y, Z

Connects one object to another. Think of the ‘base-object’ as the one that’s in control, and the ‘sub-object’ does what it’s told.
Whatever happens to the base object, the sub object will always maintain the the rotation values assigned to it in Dromed.
The link Data values can be used to offset the object. The default values of 0,0,0 will place the centre of the sub-object at the centre of the base-object.
The units are standard Dromed units, and are independent of the orientation of the base-object. To put it another way, the X value always determines the north/south offset, Y always determines east/west, and Z always determines up/down.

  • The base-object must have an OBB physics model (e.g. doors, tables etc, but not crates, VineDecals etc)
  • If the player is able to pick up the sub object, and it is dropped, it will remain in the location where it was dropped, and will still move relative to the base-object. Telliamed’s UnlinkOnContained script should be useful in that case.
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