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This allows AI to perform some controlled actions, and is used in conjunction with AIConversationActor links.

The property consists of 10 steps (plus some abort steps), and each step consists of 6 actions. Step n won’t start until all of the actions in step n-1 have finished. Within each step, some actions will start even when the previous one is still running, and some will wait. It depends on what the previous action was.

The correct term for these actions is Pseudo-Script.

Abort Conditions and Abort Steps

When the abort conditions are met, the abort steps are supposed to be carried out, but according to this post on TTLG, abort conditions are subordinate to the normal reactions of an actor (fleeing, fighting etc). A possible way around this would be to have give the actor a metaproperty which prevents the usual alertness reactions. This would, in theory, allow the abort steps to be carried out. The final action can be to remove the metaproperty.

NOTEME This property requires the object to have the TrapConverse script.

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