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AI→AI Core→Vision Description

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NOTEME This description, like many others, is copied from NV’s site. There is another description of this property on Targa’s site

This property is used to control AI’s vision, by specifying exact properties for several ‘Cones’ of sight. Think of a Cone as a funnel coming from the AI’s eyes, and everything inside the funnel is what the AI can see.

Z Offset specifies how much higher (or lower) the AI’s eyes are than their model’s centrepoint.

Active makes this Cone active, otherwise it will be ignored.
No Alert # disables this Cone when the AI is at the specifies alert level.
Peripheral has no use that I have been able to discern.
Omni has no use that I have been able to discern.
Behind specifies that this Cone of view sees behind the AI, not in front of it.
Night Vision allows the AI to see in complete darkness with this cone.
Cone #: Angle is the width of this Cone.
Cone #: Z Angle is the hight of this Cone.
Cone #: Range is the maximum distance at which the AI can see with this cone.
Cone #: Acurity specifies how fast the AI’s vision in this Cone ‘decays’ the higher the value, the quicker the AI reaches higher alertness levels.

Property Name: AI_VisDesc

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