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Dark GameSys→BeltLinkLocation

:T2: If an AI has a Contains link to an object, and the link Data is Belt, this property determines where on the AI that object will be placed. The object will be rendered, so it can be taken by the player.

The location is relative to a specified joint on the AI mesh. The joint is specified by a number, and the number for each joint can be found here
The units of rotation are:
e.g. to rotate the object by 90 degrees, the number to enter into the relevant field is 16384

This number was obtained via the following calculation:
90 / 360 * 65536 = 16384
NOTEME Don’t ask why!

The Offset values are used to specify how far from the joint the object is to be. The units of distance are standard Dromed units, and the directions are relative to the orientation of the AI. E.g. a positive X value is south if the AI has a heading of 0, and east if it has a heading of 90.

Property Name: BeltLink

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