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This property is used to allow the game to keep track of some of the things seen in the Stats screen when a mission has finished.
An AI with Innocent set will, when killed, increase the number of innocents killed (to ‘Some’).
An AI with the FoundBody flag set will not increase the ‘Bodies Discovered By Enemies’ stat when found dead.
An AI with the Robot will be reported under ‘Iron Beasts Disabled / Destroyed’ when killed or disabled, and an AI finding its corpse will play the ‘foundrobot’ schema instead of the ‘foundbody’ one.
The Hidden flag is used in conjunction with the FrobFind, SlayFind, and TrapFindSecret scripts, and specifies whether the secret has been found or not. If a secret object does not have this flag set when the game starts, it will not be counted as a secret in the debriefing statistics.
FIXME The use of Enemy is unknown to me.

Property Name: DarkStat

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