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Difficulty → Destroy

:!: Be very careful when testing this property in Dromed. Before setting the difficulty level, save your mission. Do not save the mission after processing the difficulty because any object with this property could be deleted.

When the game begins, any object with this property will be deleted if any of the numbers selected match the current difficulty level.

Difficulty Levels
0 Normal
1 Hard
2 Expert
3 _System Shock 2_ only
4 Multiplayer (_System Shock 2_)

Any combination of selections is valid, e.g. selecting 0 and 1 will delete the object on Normal and on Hard.

Numbers 5 → 9 have no effect.

In Dromed, this property can be tested by setting the difficulty level, and processing it. To test the mission at difficulty level 0, you would type:

quest_create_mis difficulty, 0

Alternatively you can use Nameless Voice’s DifficultyDebug script, which is much safer.

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