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Engine Features→FrobInfo

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This property specifies what happens when this objects is frobbed, either in the world, in the inventory, or as a tool.

Move adds a Contains link from the frobber to the object; picking the object up.

Script activates the object’s ‘on frob’ scripts, such as StdButton, etc.

Delete destroys the object when frobbed.

Ignore does nothing (I think).

FocusScript activates the object’s ‘on focus (selected)' scripts, such as the Arrow script showing your bow.

Tool Cursor (only valid for objects already in the player’s inventory) makes the object zip out of the player’s inventory as a tool, like a lockpick.

Use Ammo decreases the Engine Features→Stack Count of the object by 1 with each frob.

Default triggers Act/React Frob in World/Inv sources. If there are none the object will still highlight.

Deselect unselects the object. A key is deselected after being used on a door.

Property Name: FrobInfo

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