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Shape→TxtRepl r0

If an object has replace0.gif as a texture, adding this property will allow it to be replaced with a texture of your choice. The replacing is done on a per object basis. In other words, several objects can each use replace0.gif, but each object can have it replaced with a different texture.

NOTEME Applying this property to an archetype will prevent the specified texture being used anywhere else in the mission.

If a terrain texture is to be used, the format of the property should be:

If another object texture is to be used, the format of the propery should be either:
Which of the above two is appropriate depends on where the object texture is located.

NOTEME TextureName the filename of the texture, without the extension.

If the texture uses anything other than the default palette, you must ensure that there is at least one instance of that texture existing in your mission in the usual way:

A terrain texture must exist on at least one face of a terrain brush (FillAir, FillSolid etc). The face needn’t be visible to the player. For example if there is a solid brush which forms a pillar, the texture could be applied to the bottom face, even though the bottom face will never actually be rendered.

If an object texture from txt16 is to be used, your mission must contain at least one other object where texture has been applied directly to the model.

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