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This property allows you to set up the physical properties of an object.

Gravity % specifies how much the object is affected by gravity.

Mass specifies the weight of an object: does it sink in water? Is it heavy enough to trigger this Pressure Plate?

Density affects how much an object floats, and how quickly it rises in water.

Elasticity specifies how elestic (or ‘bouncy’) an object is.

Base Friction is something I’m not quite sure about. FIXME

COG Offset is used to offset the axis of a door.

Rotation Axes specifies which axes the object can be rotated on.

Rest Axes specifies which axes the object can come to rest on.

Climbable Sides specifies which sides of the object can be climbed (like a ladder). OBB Only.

Is Edge Trigger is used to trigger BoundsTriggers.

Property Name: PhysAttr

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