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Dark GameSys→PickCfg

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This property is used to make locked objects pickable. The lockpicking data consists of three stages, each with a LockBits, Pins, TimePct, and Flags values.

LockBits specifies which lockpick(s) can be used to open this stage. 1=Square, 10=Triangle, 11=Both.
Pins specifies the number of pins this stage has. Each pin makes a click when it has been picked.
TimePct specifies the amount of time each pin takes to pick.
Flags supply additional data about the lock:
Randomize Time randomizes the amount of time taken for each pin.
Reset On Fail resets the pin if a wrong key or wrong lockpick is used halfway through picking.

See also: Dark GameSys→PickSrc

Property Name: PickCfg

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