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Dark GameSys→PickState

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This property defines the current state of a lock; with it, you can create a half-locked door. See: Dark GameSys→PickCfg.

CurTumbler is the stage the lock is currently at. Unlike the labels in the PickCfg box, the first stage is 0, not 1.
Pin is the number of pins already picked in this stage.
Done, when set to True, tells the game that the lock has been picked, and cannot be picked again (even if locked).
RandTime probably specifies what TimePct the Randomize Time flag has chosen.
TotalTime seems to be the time spent on the lock, in milliseconds.
StageTime seems to be the time spent on the current pin, also in milliseconds.
Picker is the object number of the creature that is picking the lock.

It’s probably best to let Thief handle this property itself.

Property Name: PickState

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