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This property is used for making Translating (sliding) doors.

Closed Position is the position that the door starts at. This is only for the purpose of this property. It does not move the door.

Open Position is the position that the door should be at when it is fully open, in feet.

Base Speed is the speed that the door should move at, in feet per second.

Axis specifies the direction in which the door should Translate (slide) When the door is unrotated, X is north/south, Y is east/west and Z is up/down.

Status is used to make the door fly away when opened. Leave it at Closed.

Hard Limits is one option the use of which evades me.

Blocks Vision?, when True, prevents Thief from rendering things on the other side of the door when closed.

Blocks Sound % specifies what percentage of sound the door should block.

Push Mass specifies the maximum Mass that the door will push out of the way if blocked.

Room ID # is for making sure that the properly divides two room brushes.

Property Name: TransDoor

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