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 +====== Retexturing an Object Without Converting It ======
 +:T1: :T2: :SS2:
 +> This tutorial explains how to change an object'​s texture(s) without converting it to the .e or .3ds format.
 +Some object editing can only be done by converting a .bin file to another format, but simply replacing one texture with another can be a very quick process because the .bin file can be edited directly.
 +  * Find the .bin file. If it's an original object it'll in obj.crf or mesh.crf and will need to be extracted.
 +      * Also remember that a newer version could be in a mod package like the Enhancement Pack.
 +  * Open it in a **hex editor** (plain text editors, like notepad, are **not** recommended - they'​re not capable of making some kinds of changes)
 +      * The program [[http://​​delphi/​freeware/​xvi32/​xvi32.htm|XVI32]] is being used for this tutorial.
 +===== Explanation of .bin Files =====
 +  * Here is an example of what you will see, with the object'​s current textures highlighted.
 +  * {{:​dromed:​objecthex1.gif?​nolink|}}
 +      * On the right is the '​text'​ interpretation of the .bin file, similar to what a text editor would show. On the left are the hexadecimal values of each character.
 +  * Example: the highlighted character'​s text is "​A"​ and the hex value of "​A"​ is 41. The value on its own doesn'​t mean anything to the Dark Engine - it's just a part of a block of data.
 +  * The texture filenames are near the start of the file
 +===== Changing a texture filename =====
 +<note important>​ALWAYS be in **overwrite** mode when editing these files. The mode is shown in status bar in the bottom left of the window. The ``Insert`` key toggles it just like in many programs, but in this case overwrite is the default. {{:​dromed:​objecthex2.gif?​nolink|}}</​note>​
 +==== Example 1 ====
 +> In this example the new filename is the same length as the original. Bedding8.png becomes
 +  * In the right-hand pane select the first character and just type over it and save the file.
 +  * {{:​dromed:​objecthex_eg1.gif?​nolink|}}
 +      * Remember that the original texture may be used multiple times, so be sure to replace them all.
 +==== Example 2 ====
 +> In this example the new filename is longer, which is where the **overwrite** mode becomes very important.
 +  * Just like example 1, select the first of the original filename characters and type over it. Some of the blank spaces after the original filename will get overwritten,​ but, being in **overwrite** mode, the remaining characters in the file will not be disturbed.
 +  * {{:​dromed:​objecthex_eg2.gif?​nolink|}}
 +==== Example 3 ====
 +> In this example the new filename is shorter. Bedding8.png becomes bed7.gif
 +  * Type over the old filename as in the other examples. The remaining part of the original filename will still be there.
 +  * {{:​dromed:​objecthex_eg3_1.gif?​nolink|}} ​
 +  * To fully remove the old filename, go to the panel on the left. The hexadecimal values for each of the unwanted characters should be changed to ``00``.
 +  * {{:​dromed:​objecthex_eg3_2.gif?​nolink|}}
 +  * Only change the hex values to ``00``. **DO NOT** delete them or type spaces in the text pane.
 +  * Once again the remaining characters are undisturbed (because the program is in **overwrite** mode)
 +===== The End =====
 +==== Advantages ====
 +  * Quick and simple process
 +  * No need to convert the object, so no need to open up other programs and deal with temporary files.
 +  * Converting an object can sometimes cause errors, with material settings being lost and sometimes polygon errors. Some objects can't be converted at all due to complexity.
 +==== Disadvantages ====
 +  * Takes a bit of getting used to.
 +  * This doesn'​t allow textures to be remapped.
 +  * If two materials use the same texture and you only want to change one of them, you have to use trial and error.
 +It is the opinion of the author that the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
 + --- //​[[society:​r_soul:​index]] 2020/01/11 17:44//
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