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Game 2
Module gen.osm

The different alert states of a camera are determined by a model tweq. On Alertness, the Shape→Model Name will be set to the appropriate value from CfgTweqModels, unless the object has the meta-property M-AI-Stasis. TurnOn and TurnOff messages are sent along ControlDevice links when entering or leaving full alert. A TurnOff message is relayed when Slain. A mysterious CUSIC message is also sent. On TurnOff, the meta-property M-AI-Stasis is added to the object, the property AI→State→Current Mode is set to Asleep, and AI→State→Current Alertness is set to High. Any AIAwareness links are also deleted. On TurnOn, the mode is set to Normal and M-AI-Stasis is removed. This script has a bug. While a camera is at full alert, it is supposed to check every 2 seconds if the time since last contact, as specified by AIAwareness links, is greater than the time in Script→Timing, and remove the link if it is. However, instead of checking every 2 seconds, the Timer is set for the number of seconds as the object ID.

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