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Steal Multiple Objects

NOTEME There are two variants of this goal: Stealing all objects from a group or stealing some of them. The first two steps are common to both variants:

  • To each object, add the property Engine Features→FrobInfo. For World Action, select Move and Script.
  • Add the property S→Scripts. Add TrigWorldFrob to the first field. If any of the fields already have script names, the first thing you should do is delete all of them. Leaving Don’t Inherit unchecked will ensure those scripts are inherited from the hierarchy.

NOTEME If there will be many objects to steal, or you just want to make it easier to add more objects to the group, consider making a custom metaproperty containing the above properties, and adding the metaproperty to the objects in question.

Stealing All the Objects

Give each object a ControlDevice link to a RequireAllTrap, and link the RAT to a QuestVarTrap. To the QuestVarTrap, add the property Trap→Quest Var and type in =1:goal_state_X , where X is the number of the goal to be completed.

Stealing X out of Y Objects

Say there are 5 objects and the player only needs to steal 3 of them. Link all the objects to a QuestVarTrap. Trap→Quest Var should be +1:something

You’ll also need to create that variable, so type the command quest_create_mis something, 0

Create a QuestVarTrigger. Set Trap→Quest Var to >2:something , then give this a ControlDevice link to another QuestVarTrap (=1:goal_state_X).

Once that has been done, picking up each object will add 1 to the quest variable. When the value is greater than 2 (i.e. 3 or above) the trigger will activate, and cause the state of goal X to be set to 1 (completed).

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