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The Tweq Property

NOTEME This tutorial was originally written by Belboz for Dromed Central.

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This tutorial describes how to animate the dials on the standard transformer object.

  1. Open the Object Hierarchy. Find physical→Gizmo→Electrics→Transformer01 and create one.
  2. Open the properties of Transformer01.
    • Halt: Continue
    • AnimC: OneBounce
    • Misc: None
    • CurveC: JitterLow, JitterHi
    • PrimaryJoint: 1
    • Joint1AnimC: OneBounce
    • Joint1CurveC: JitterLow,JitterHi
    • rate-low-high: 4,0,200. Use any numbers you like. The first number is speed, second is the low point on the dial, third is the high point on the dial. The highest point is about 270.
    • AnimS: On
    • Joint1AnimS: On
  3. Add S→Scripts. Type TweqOnOff in the first field. Leave the next three blank and “Don’t Inherit” unchecked.

Then add a fnord→Marker and go to its properties. Add A→AmbientHacked. Set the radius and add a machine-like sound (for example, m02tapping) to make the transformer sound like it’s working. Create a room brush around the room. Now your transformer looks and sounds like it’s working. I got this information from the transformer in the cathedral’s basement from the Thief 1 original missions.

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