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The Dromed Window

I’m going to attempt to write a manual as I learn ShockEd (the latest version from NamelessVoice’s ShockEd Toolkit). Though most of it will likely be copied from the default ShockEd tutorial. It’ll mostly be notes until I can tidy it up.

— Hemebond

I like where this is heading. Keep up the good work.

  1. – Tom

The Views

3D Camera View

The top left view window is the 3D camera view.

W Forward
X Backward
A Turn left
D Turn right
Z Strafe left
C Strafe right
Q Move up
E Move down
R Tilt up
V Tilt down

2D Views

The remaining view windows, clockwise, show the top, front and right views. There are no shortcut keys to pan the 2D views. There are buttons if you need to. Apparently you just put the camera where you want the views focus.


Click and drag in a 2D view to create a brush.

Ctrl+Drag to resize brushes. Snaps to grid. Shift+drag to move brushes. Tab selects the next brush. Alt+drag to rotate the brush.

Numpad moves brushes relative to the top viewport. Ctrl+numpad will resize brushes relative to the top viewport.

The Grid

The grid size is a factor, not an actual measurement.

Portalise to cut out the brushes.


From the Textures menu, add a texture family. Alt+T brings up the texture menu. Select a texture and the left-click on a surface in the 3D view.


Select Light from the Create menu (bottom left). Click+drag to create it (like a brush). Ctrl+drag to move it around. Alt+drag to rotate.

Go to Editors→Object Hierarchy (F5)… and select the object you want to create. Click the Create button in that window. Now click+drag to create the object.

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