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Glossary (D—F)



An archetype that other objects use to share properties, links, stimuli, and receptrons. Every object has at least one donor: its parent object. A meta-property is a donor to objects that are not its children. An object inherits properties, links, etc. from its donors, and its donors’ donors, and so on.

Concrete room objects are allowed to be donors.



FIXME This was invented by Creative, right? May as well look it up at their website.


A method of improving the performance of a game by temporarily disabling AI that are too far away from the player. This often has the undesirable side-effect of an “AI-train” when the AI are all disabled at the same location, then re-activated simultaneously when the player moves closer. The player is then able to move around the mission without encountering any enemies.

At medium distances, only the animation of the object is disabled.

Environmental Sound

A sound which is played as a constant background to all other noises. The environmental sound is heard equally loud in all places in an area. Only a single environmental sound can be active at a time. When another one is played, the previous environmental sound will be stopped.


A terrain brush media operation that changes water within the brush to air.



A group of terrain textures that share a common color palette. The textures in a group often follow a particular theme.


A terrain brush media operation that changes air within the brush to water.

Flow Brush

A cube-shaped brush that determines the properties of the water enclosed in it. The water affected by a flow brush is those cells that are entirely within the bounding-box of the brush, and are connected to the center of the flow brush by other water-filled cells.

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