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-cover a wide range of properties inside the very common Town of Oakville. North from the QEW in  Oakville lies Joshua CreekRiver OaksCollege ParkFalgarwoodWest Oak Trails ​and Bronte CreekThese areas are property ​to Oakville real estate listings that range from condos, townhouses ​and significant detached homesSeveral of these communities are so common that unless you've an [[http://​​|Oakville Real Estate Agent ]]operating for you, it’s very most likely you are going to miss out on certainly one of these properties, or locate your self in competitionTowards ​the southyou've got Morrison, Olde Oakville ​and Central Oakville - this area consists ​of a number ​of the most exclusive Oakville real estate listings ranging ​from properties ​where the value is inside ​the lots (not the residence and usually close to a million dollars ​for it) it is also exactly where you'll find Oakville real estate listings which can be in the millions ​of dollars as this coveted location ​is close to the restaurants and shopping ​in Downtown Oakville and the lakeAdditional west and south from the QEW features a amazing blend of older properties on larger lots, yet not as pricey as their eastern counterparts!<​br /><br />+====== The Dromesday Book ====== 
 +Guidestutorialsand samples of creating modscustomizations, and fan-missions for __Dark Engine(tm)__-based games. 
 +| [[dromed:​using|Using Dromed]] |||Guides ​to the Dromed program ​and it’s many quirks
 +[[dromed:fanmissions|Creating Fan Missions]] |||Things ​you need to do to make a complete fan-mission. | 
 +| [[dromed:​customizing|Creating Resources]] |||There’s more to a mission than just a mapAdding and expanding to the stock game experience. | 
 +| [[dromed:​index|Index]] | [[dromed:​faq|FAQ]] | [[glossary:​index|Glossary]] | 
 +====== Custom Scripts ====== 
 +| [[tnhscript:​index]] |A menagerie of special effects for __Thief 2__. | 
 +| [[public_scripts:​index]] |Many general-purpose scripts for all __Dark Engine__ games. | 
 +| [[lgscript:​index]] |Write custom scripts using __Lua__. | 
 +====== The Games ====== 
 +^ :T1: |[[Thief1:​index|Thief:​ The Dark Project and Thief Gold]] | 
 +^ :T2: |[[Thief2:​index|Thief 2: The Metal Age]] | 
 +^ :SS2: |[[SShock2:​index|System Shock 2]] | 
 +^ |[[New Dark]]the unofficial __Thief 2__ and __System Shock 2__ patch | 
 +====== The Society ​of Thieves ====== 
 +This Wiki is product ​of the generous contributions ​from its editors. 
 +  * [[society:​index|The Thieves List]] 
 +===== Discuss Dromed ===== 
 +Discussions about Dromed, and about this Wiki, are hosted at already active public forums. The primary forum (i.e. where Telliamed usually checks-in at) is the [[ttlgf>​85|Editor'​s Guild]]. 
 +The three main places ​to go for help with Dromed are: 
 +  * [[ttlgf>​85| -- The Editor's Guild]] 
 +  * [[http://​​forumdisplay.php?​f=204|Square Enix -- Dromed Designers Corner]] 
 +  * [[irc://​​dromed|#​DromEd IRC Channel]] 
 +The primary place for disccusion ​of this Wiki is in [[ttlg>​110064|this thread on TTLG]]. 
 +====== ​ ====== 
 +Please read the [[wiki:​style|style-guide]] and [[wiki:​syntax|syntax]] before editing any pages.
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