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cover a wide range of properties inside the very common Town of Oakville. North from the QEW in Oakville lies Joshua Creek, River Oaks, College Park, Falgarwood, West Oak Trails and Bronte Creek. These areas are property to Oakville real estate listings that range from condos, townhouses and significant detached homes. Several of these communities are so common that unless you’ve an Oakville Real Estate Agent operating for you, it’s very most likely you are going to miss out on certainly one of these properties, or locate your self in competition. Towards the south, you’ve got Morrison, Olde Oakville and Central Oakville - this area consists of a number of the most exclusive Oakville real estate listings ranging from properties where the value is inside the lots (not the residence and usually close to a million dollars for it) it is also exactly where you’ll find Oakville real estate listings which can be in the millions of dollars as this coveted location is close to the restaurants and shopping in Downtown Oakville and the lake. Additional west and south from the QEW features a amazing blend of older properties on larger lots, yet not as pricey as their eastern counterparts!<br /><br />

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