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Useful Tips

Turn on the Monolog

LgScript reports a lot of status information to the monolog. These debugging messages can help you diagnose problems with your scripts. For instance, the print statement displays its output on the monolog.

Enable the monolog by adding this line to your USER.CFG1).

  monolog monolog.txt

You may change the file name to whatever you like. More detailed instructions are provided with Public Scripts.

Design Note Parameters

You can’t create new properties. So custom scripts use the Editor→Design Note property for parameters. Here’s how your Lua scripts can read the design note.

-- Save functions that will be used in this module
local propsrv = lgs.PropertySrv
local match = string.match
local substr = string.sub
local lc = string.lower
-- Module begins here
-- Parameter iterator
local function iterparam(str)
  return function()
    local name, value, q
    -- Extract the name
    name, q, str = match(str, "%s*(%w+)%s*(=?)%s*(.*)")
    -- Nothing left to extract
    if not name then return nil end
    if q == '=' then -- There is a value
      q = substr(str,1,1)
      if (q == '"') or (q == "'") then
        -- Quoted string, 
        local val
        str = substr(str,2)
        -- Loop the match to handle escaped quotes
        value = ""
        while true do
          val, str = match(str, "([^"..q.."]*)"..q.."(.*)")
          value = value..val
          if substr(val,-1) == '\\' then
            value = value..q
      else -- Unquoted string, ends at a quote or seperator
        value, str = match(str, "([^\"';]*)(.*)")
    -- Clean-up junk until the next parameter
    str = match(str, ".-;*(.*)")
    return name, value
--[[ DesignNote.getparam(integer,string) -> string
    Returns the value of a parameter from the design note.
    System Shock 2 doesn't have the DesignNote property, so use 
    "ObjList" instead.
function getparam(obj, param)
  if propsrv.Possessed(obj, "DesignNote") then
    local designnote = propsrv.Get(obj, "DesignNote")
    param = lc(param)
    for name, val in iterparam(designnote) do
      if lc(name) == param then return val end
  return nil

If you save this in the lgscript folder as designnote.lua, then your script can use require"DesignNote". You then read the design note with DesignNote.getparam(script.objid,"my_param"). Remember to include the libraries in the lgscript folder as well as the scripts in the scripts folder with your fan-mission.

DROMED.CFG can also be used.
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