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New Dark

On September 24, 2012, an unauthorized patch to Thief 2 was released anonymously on the French fan site Ariane4ever. The patch updated the game to version 1.19 and used a modernized engine known as “New Dark”. Notable improvements over the legacy Dark Engine are:

  • Added hardware-rendered windowed mode.
  • Added single display mode option — no resolution change between menus and game.
  • Added ingame support for all common resolutions, including widescreen.
  • Added support for 32-bit color.
  • Textures can now be automatically promoted to 32-bit, improving quality and effectively eliminating the palette limit.
  • Added UI framerate cap option to avoid GPU fan spinning up in UI.
  • Added DDS/PNG image support.
  • Added full 24/32-bit TGA/BMP image support.
  • Increased various hard-coded limitations.

There is also a compatibility mode that allows Thief Gold missions to be played with the new engine.

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