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Display text then, after it has been displayed, triggered and perform some action. When there is a SoundDescription link or Sound\Object Sound property, it will play the schema as a voice-over. If there is a ControlDevice link, a TurnOn message will be send to the target object. If there is a Trap\Quest Var or Script\QB Name property, then the variable is set. The quest variable will be changed after the schema is played, but the script needs to know how long to wait for the sound to finish playing. Setting a quest variable can cause another sound to play, which would interfere with the voice-over. Set the time to wait in the Script\Timing or Script\Delay Time property.

NOTEME This script can conflict with the StdBook and StdScroll scripts. Do not use either or those on the same object as a PostRead script. Set the Don’t Inherit checkbox in the S→Scripts property if necessary.

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