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Allows for a long conversation that can be interrupted then resumed where it left off. The controller links to conversation traps with ControlDevice. When turned on, the conversation with the lowest link ID is activated. The last action in the conversation should be to send ConvNext or ConvEnd to the controller so it can remove the used link. When ConvNext is used, the controller will activate the next link unless the controller has been turned off. The ConvEnd message turns off the controller. The controller can be locked to interrupt the conversation. It must be both turned on and unlocked to be active. When unlocked, the next conversation link will be activated if necessary. The message Presence is the same as TurnOn and Absence is the same as TurnOff. The message Intrusion is as if the controller was locked, and Privacy like it was unlocked.

Inherits BaseScript
Messages TurnOn, TurnOff, NowLocked, NowUnlocked, Presence, Absence, Intrusion, Privacy, ConvNext, ConvEnd
Links ControlDevice

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