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Extra actions for conversations and pseudo-scripts. Put this script on the AI and use the Script message action. Conversation argument 1 is the name of the message and the other two arguments are used by the message.

Message Arguments Action
CompleteGoal goals Mark a list of objectives as completed.
FailGoal goals Mark a list of objectives failed.
CancelGoal goals Mark a list of objectives as invalid.
ShowGoal goals Show the listed objectives.
HideGoal goals Hide the listed objectives.
SwapGoal goals, goals Hides the objectives in the first argument and shows the objectives in the second argument.
IsGoalShown goals Test if the objectives are all visible.
IsGoalComplete goals Test if the objectives are completed.
PlayVO schema Play a voice-over schema.
PlayAmbient schema Play an ambient schema.
Slay object (opt.) Slay an object. The name self or a blank argument will slay the AI.
ConvNext object (opt.) Send the message ConvNext to the controller.
ConvEnd object (opt.) Send the message ConvEnd to the controller.

Goal arguments are a list of comma-separated numbers. You cannot list more than 24 goals. The ConvNext and ConvEnd actions send a message to a controller object. If the argument is blank, the script will try to locate the object that controls this conversation.

Inherits BaseScript

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