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A factory is a group of levers, molds, cauldrons, and gauges that can be used to manufacture new objects. This script controls the joint tweqs on the objects. If the object has a FrobProxy link then the joint tweq on the proxy object is kept in synch with this one. Most factory objects will send TurnOn to ControlDevice links when the tweq moves forward, and TurnOff when moving backward. After an action completes the Report is sent to objects that link to this one with Owns. The FactoryWorker script uses this to automate actions.

Inherits BaseScript
Messages TweqComplete, TurnOn, TurnOff, SynchUp, Target?, Report
Links ControlDevice, FrobProxy, Owns
Properties Tweq\Joints, Tweq\JointState
Schemas (Event StateChange, DirectionState direction)

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