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A cauldron manipulates the model tweq and light as well as the joints of the object. Another tweqable object can be linked to with Synch and it will receive GoForward and GoReverse messages when the cauldron is moving. An object linked with Sparks will be turned on when the cauldron is activated. Schemas with the names cauldron_lp, cauldron_pivot, and lava_pour are played when the cauldron is inactive, moving, and activated respectively.

How to Use

The cauldron is controlled by a cauldron lever. It links with ControlDevice to a gauge. There can be a Synch link to a MovingGear and a Sparks link to a SparkShower.

Inherits FactoryBase
Messages GoForward, GoReverse, Halt
Links ScriptParams(Synch), ScriptParams(Sparks)
Properties Tweq\Models, Renderer\AnimLight
Schemas cauldron_lp, lava_pour, cauldron_pivot
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