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A guage has two stages. When activated, it moves to the end of the first stage, then sends Full to the Mold link. The guage will stop moving when it gets the Halt message and turning it on again will resume from that position. The tweq continues past the end of the first stage until the second stage ends. Then it automatically reverses and sends TurnOn along ControlDevice links. The speed and positions of the first stage are set in the Tweq\Joints property. For the second stage, the value of the overflow parameter is added to the end of the first stage. The default overflow is 20. The speed of the tweq is different for each stage, and also when moving backward. The rates parameter is three numbers for the first, second, and reverse speeds. The default speeds are 1.75,0.5,30.

How to Use

Set the joint tweq to the normal speed and the maximum position where the mold will be filled. The gauge is controlled by the cauldron. It links to an alarmlite with ControlDevice. Use an Inverter trap to link to the cauldron lever. When a mold is in-place, there is a Mold link to the mold.

Inherits FactoryBase
Messages Halt, Full
Links ScriptParams(Mold)
Properties Tweq\Joints
Parameters rates (vector), overflow (number)
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