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A mold can be moved onto a socket where it will create an object. Using the mold as a tool will send SocketMe to the socket. UnsocketMe is sent when the mold is picked up. On a socket the mold will activate LockMe links when it is open. The mold needs to have been filled by receiving the message Full. A new object will be created and teleported to the COG Offset of the mold. The object to create is found from a Contains link that can be on an archetype of the mold.

How to Use

The mold is controlled by a mold lever. Link to the archetype of a product with Contains. Set the COG Offset field of Physics\Model\Attributes to where the product should appear. If it is a movable mold, the Engine Features\FrobInfo property should have a WorldAction of Move,Script and InvAction of Script. An unmovable mold has only a WorldAction of Script. When the mold is in-place, it is controlled by the mold lever. A Lock link goes to the FnordLock that also locks the mold lever. There is a LockMe link to the cauldron lock. The mold can link with ControlDevice to a SteamPuffSpout. If there is a socket, the mold links to it with Owns.

Inherits FactoryLever
Messages FrobToolEnd, Contained, SocketMe, UnsocketMe, Full, Full?
Links ScriptParams(Mold), Owns, Contains
Properties Physics\Model\Attributes

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