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Relays a message to objects that are linked with a ScriptParams link having the name of the message. None of the trap control flags, lock, or timing have any meaning to this script. The data for a ScriptParams links can only be 15 characters long. Many messages will exceed this limit. There are two ways to work around this: use an indirect name, or use a shortcut name. An indirect name uses the Editor\Design Note property of an object to provide the full name. The link data starts with the character # then the name of the other object. The entire Editor\Design Note property is the full name; it is not treated as a parameter list. Message names in a ScriptParams link can also be given as shortcuts.

.FIB FrobInvBegin
.FIE FrobInvEnd
.FTB FrobToolBegin
.FTE FrobToolEnd
.FWB FrobWorldBegin
.FWE FrobWorldEnd
.IDF InvDeFocus
.IDS InvDeSelect
.IF InvFocus
.IS InvSelect
.WDF WorldDeFocus
.WDS WorldDeSelect
.WF WorldFocus
.WS WorldSelect
.CRI CreatureRoomEnter
.CRO CreatureRoomExit
.ORI ObjectRoomEnter
.ORO ObjectRoomExit
.ORT ObjectRoomTransit
.PRI PlayerRoomEnter
.PRO PlayerRoomExit
.RPRI RemotePlayerRoomEnter
.RPRO RemotePlayerRoomExit
.PC PhysCollision
.PCC PhysContactCreate
.PCD PhysContactDestroy
.PI PhysEnter
.PO PhysExit
.PFA PhysFellAsleep
.PMN PhysMadeNonPhysical
.PMP PhysMadePhysical
.PWU PhysWokeUp
.PPA PressurePlateActivating
.PPD PressurePlateDeactivating
.PPU PressurePlateInactive
.PPD PressurePlateActive
.ME MotionEnd
.MF MotionFlagReached
.MS MotionStart
.MTWP MovingTerrainWaypoint
.WPR WaypointReached
.DGMC DarkGameModeChange
.MT MediumTransition
.PSC PickStateChange

If the message name begins with an exclamation mark (!) then the rest of the name is a stimulus and the word Stimulus will be added to complete the message name.

Inherits BaseTrap
Links ScriptParams(msg)

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