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Initiate stimulus contact with object that touch this one. When it gets the message HotPlateHeat, the Renderer\Extra Light property will be set according to the first message argument. If it is greater than 0, the metaproperty HotPlateHeat is added. If the object is hit with a WaterStim, it will force the object to be turned off for a period of time. You should create a receptron for WaterStim set to the appropriate sensitivity and the reaction Send to Scripts. To turn off the object, a clone of the controller is created with the tweq configured to send diminishing HotPlateHeat messages. Messages that would increase the value of Renderer\Extra Light are ignored. The object will be disabled until it receives a TurnOff message followed by a TurnOn. If you set the Script\Timing property, it will count that many TurnOff messages before activating again.

Inherits BaseScript
Messages PhysContactCreate, PhysContactDestroy, HotPlateHeat
Properties Renderer\Extra Light, Script\Timing
Metaproperties HotPlateHeat, HotPlateCool
Stims WaterStim

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