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Applies a stimulus to ControlDevice linked object many times until the trap is turned off. Each successive stim will be multiplied the intensity (see TrapStim) by an increasing amount. When turned off, the trap will save the current stage. Turning it on again will restart from that value. Send the message Stage to manually reset the current value of the stimulator. The first message data is the new multiplier.

The device parameter controls whether the timer can be activated automatically. Normally, when an object is created in Dromed, the timer will wait for a TurnOn message to activate. If the object is created after the game starts, then the timer activates automatically. To make an emitted object wait for TurnOn, you must set the device parameter to true.

Inherits TrapStim
Messages Stage
Links ScriptParams(interval) Supported for compatibility. Use parameters instead.
Parameters interval (time) Delay between stims.
stage (integer) Initial multiplier.
device (boolean) Only start the timer in response to TurnOn.
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