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Gradually changes the Renderer\Transparency of an object when turned on or off. Turning on the trap will increase the value, turning off decreases it. When the alpha reaches alpha_max or alpha_min the script stops and sends TurnOn or TurnOff. The fade_time parameter sets the time it will take to fade from alpha_min to alpha_max. Or you can set the speed as alpha-per-second in the rate parameter. The curve parameter changes the algorithm used to calculate the alpha value. The default is to scale linearly to the time. Other options are:

1 square
2 square root
3 logarithm
4 exponential (base 10)
5 natural logarithm
6 exponential (base e)
Inherits BaseTrap
Links ControlDevice
Properties Renderer\Transparency
Parameters alpha_min (number), alpha_max (number), rate (number), fade_time (time), curve (integer)
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