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Triggers when objects of a specific type enter the bounding box. The arc link identifies the type of objects that will trigger the trap. Every time an object enters or exits the bounding box, the cd links will be triggered with TurnOn or TurnOff. ControlDevice links are turned on when the first object enters, and turned off when the last object exits. Objects in the bounding box are tracked with Population links and the metaproperty M-NotifyRegion. Objects that are slain while being tracked should send an Obituary message to the trap. System Shock 2 will use ScriptParams links with the data set to Population.

Inherits BaseTrap, BasePopulation
Messages PhysEnter, PhysExit, Obituary, PMResize
Links ScriptParams(arc), ScriptParams(cd), Population, ScriptParams(Population)
Metaproperties M-NotifyRegion

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