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Relay TurnOn and TurnOff to one of many destinations. ScriptParams links with the data set to an integer index identify the destinations. Initially, the link index 0 is triggered. The index can be changed manually by sending a Validate message. If the parameter order is set to increment, the index is changed after each relay. Parameters increment and rollover control how the index is incremented. Setting the parameter order to step is like increment except when using rollover and increment is greater than 1. When the increment passes the rollover it will continue skipping values from 0. For example, 3 links with increment by 2 will go 0,2,0,2,0,2 when using increment, and 0,2,1,0,2,1 with step.

Inherits BaseTrap
Messages Validate Set which link will get the next relay. First data argument is index number.
Links ScriptParams(index)
Parameters order (string) Set to increment or step to have the trap automatically change the relay index after each trigger.
increment (integer) Value to change the current index when order is set to increment.
rollover (integer) Reset the index to 0 when incremented gets to this value or greater.
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