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Stimulates an object when it is attacked by an AI. Uses a MagicZapStim in Thief or Anti-Human in System Shock 2, or the stimulus in the zap_stim parameter. Unless no_zap_sound is set, a sound is played where the target is. One schema is used when the target is the Player, and another for other objects. In Thief the sounds are ghmagic and hit_magic. In System Shock 2 the sounds are dam_sting and exp_cryopsi.

Inherits BaseAIScript
Messages EndAttack
Links AITarget
Stims MagicZapStim, Anti-Human
Schemas ghmagic, hit_magic, dam_sting, exp_cryopsi
Parameters zap_stim (object), zap_strength (number), no_zap_sound (boolean)
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