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My World Populated

Right, my first blog will be about my ideas. I’ve decided to make my own little world
in the Thief universe. So to do so I’ve created three new societies:

  • Derelicts - Hammerites that have broken away from traditional Hammer studies.
  • Assassins of Old - (known as the Elde) are assassins that rule the underverse.
  • Red Flower - murderous clan of Pagans that “hunt the children.”

With these new societies I’ve created three new characters that are playable. I figure
Garrett can’t do everything so I created Midas Lok, his brother who is a skilled member
of the Elde, Quimby, the officer who is hunting down the Red Flower, and possibly a
member of the Derelicts but I haven’t developed him yet.

I do know my missions will follow a story swapping around with these characters and
starting with Midas Lok in The Shadow.

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